City Life
Tonight we leave by Cairo Streetsovernight train to Luxor, so we check out of our hotel in the morning and go roaming thru the city looking for bargains, food, and whatever else that may come our way. We learn our way around the city like any brave traveller does...we got lost, eventually we found our way to some fairly good Falafel restaurants, and made a few friends along the way. Cairo has no lack of Internet Cafes. We meet friendly Local friendsCairenees by the Nile who are anxious to practice their English with us; they instruct us on taking the Metro (the only subway system in all of Africa) to the train station. We leave on the Nefertiti (Super First Class) train at 10 p.m. it is cold as ice, but the chairs are even more comfortable than airplane seats, I read Omerta by Mario Puzo until I am asleep. 600 miles to get to Luxor.

train station in Cairo

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