offical site of the Egypt tourist board. Over 700 pages of information about the country and it's many attractions.

The Cairo Times
the online version of this popular english language magazine.

The American University in Cairo
Stay in Cairo and earn college credits! This institution offers accredited courses in the English language, and a prime location downtown with a view of the Nile.

PBS online: The Pyramids
Everything you ever wanted to know about the pyramids.'s Egypt Video
a travel journal with videos and photos

Lonely Planet's Egypt Guide
Lonely planet guide book was an indespensable tool. We would have been totally lost without it.

Recreational Travel Library

A collection of Travel stories and links to sites like mine.

Luxor Guide
An offical ? guide to Luxor, attractions, hotels etc.

The Egyptian Museum's offical site
A great Site for those planning on visiting the museum, or for those who cannot make it. Do NOT go to Egypt without visiting this museum.

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