Red Sea Divers
Kubi in the red shirtI'm on a boat in the Red Sea and Kubi, my dive instructor who looks like an Arabic snoop dog gives me a crash course on scuba diving on our way to the dive-destination. V has dived many times before and so have the four Germans, one of the 2 Japanese girls on our boat has become sea-sick from her first boat ride and is giving her breakfast to the Red Sea.

Sink or swim, the first dive is so-so as I attempt to become accustomed to the concept of playing fish, the second dive is great and I see why scuba-diving is so addictive. Imagine, my first dive in the Red Sea at a spot called Fanadis. The Corals, the fish, the sea, amazing!on the water On the boat ride back to Hurgada it finally hit me, I'm in Egypt and over the past 6 days I've been by Plane, Train, Auto, Motorcycle, horse back, horse carriage, boat and scuba. I've been inside of a Pyramid that was built over 4000 years before Christ and to 21M deep in the Red Sea swimming with the Fishies, it doesn't get much better than this. We've had enough of Hurgada, there really isn't much else to do than dive; mission accomplished; and so we decide to return to Cairo in the morning. The locals in Hurgada are much more relaxed than Luxor or Cairo a Hawiaan/Caribbean vibe. After dinner in the City we return to the hotel stopping by the dive shop buy Kubi a Stella and then head home to the Sea Reef for more shisha. Shisha good, smoke shisha be happy.

Shisha under the stars

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