The Suez Canal
Party Island in the middle of the Nile at CairoThe VIP bus leaves Hurgada at 10AM. It is air conditioned, roomy and there is even a movie in English with Arabic subtitles, Entrapment with Sean Connery and Katherine Fine-Ass-Jones. We trek thru the desert along the Red Sea and before we begin to head west back towards Cairo we see ships lining up to cross the Suez Canal fact:The Suez Canal is Egypt's number one source of income, after Tea we arrive in Cairo, our bus stewardess tries to rip us of for the tea and food, but at this point I've had it, so I put my foot down, get back some of my money, but she still gets over.

We return to our hotel in Cairo and curiously the price has gonekillin time Egyptian Styleup since our last visit only four days ago. Talk about inflation! So we decide to leave and head upstairs to the Dahab hotel on the roof, Jabba the Hut, our previous landlord sends his sidekick to run up the stairs while we take the elevator to get commission on our stay. We tell Dahab's front desk that Cairo Marketwe arrived on our own and to erase commissions and lower our rates, a brief battle of the words between the hotels, us, and Jabba ensues and in the long run Jabba looses. We check in and hit the streets for food, photo's and adventure.

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