All That Glitters
King Tut's MaskUp early, it's time to visit the Egyptian Museum; it's actually best to see the museum last after visiting the temples and tombs so that you can see where everything came from. The museum has so many things to see, but its highlights were the mummies room and king Tut's exhibit of which the highlight was definitely the mask Tutkunhamen was buried in; 11kilos of solid gold.
Ramses looking pretty good for his age

solid gold gotta be a real baller

Cairo city of Chaos Afterwards we return to our hotel on the roof of a 7 story building set up to resemble a beach camp, complete with beach huts, an opium den, a garden, a pool table, restaurant and of course an internet café. We chill and get ready to meet our friends at 6. Ghandy, Osman and Nasser on the townare Sudanese living in Egypt and they have brought some other friends including 2 young Arab ladies, one of them is incredibly beautiful. Shisha, Disco and more Shisha, we don't spend a cent, this is hospitality Egyptian style. I'm getting to like this place even better.

arab women

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